TDS Series
Sistem Hybrid IP PABX yang kapasitasnya bervariasi, mulai dari 40 port sampai 1280 port, support VOIP, CTI (Computer Telephony Integrated), billing system.
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Easy Maintenance & AdministrationSolid-state design minimizes trouble and eliminates periodic maintenance. Expansion- Various Interface Cards for simple, modular expansion. Versatile programming and options for ease of selection. Database Flash Memory Back Up - Customer data is backed up when the power is turned off and there is no battery to replace. Battery Back Up (System Operation) - Systems can be equipped with an optional battery back up which keeps the system operational in the case of a commercial power failure. Customer Care Programming - Dealers can quickly and easily access a system by point their web browser to an IP address of the system. Programming changes are made quickly and easily. Advanced Software Upgrades – System software can be upgraded easily without replacing any firmware.
Small, Medium and Large System Configuration OptionsThe TDS Series accomodate small office and large offices with the same approach to hardware and software. The TDS 40 cabinet accomodates up to 32 stations and 32 ISDN lines or 16 analog lines. Configurations begin as small as 2 or 3 lines and several telephones. The TDS-80 is an 80 port universal cabinet supporting a variety of trunking options and station confirgurations. The stackable TDS-80 cabinet can grow to 1200 port in total. Both the TDS 40 and TDS 80 cabinets share the same software and hardware structure. The printed circuit cards are interchangable and feature usage and programming identical resulting in ease of use for end users and simplification of installation, programming and on going service.
Hybrid IP CapabilityThe core switching platform of the TDS Series is proven traditional digital technology which provides robust reliability and quality performance. IP enable your proven TDS System with VOIP trunking or remote teleworker IP phones and softphones. Or, create an IP based private network between multiple sites which increases efficiency and costs associated with toll calls between locations. With the TDS Series you get the best of both worlds by incorporating a proven platform and enhancing it with latest state of the art VOIP communications.
Flexible Interface OptionsThe TDS Series can accomodate a variety of different interfaces. Outside line choices range from simple POTS lines, DID, E&M, T1, E1, PRI ISDN, BRI ISDN, VOIP Trunking. Within the system there are Digital Stations, Single Line Stations, Access Control Phones, Digital Door Phones, Voice Service Interfaces, Programmable Relays and Sensors and a host of other convenient telephony oriented interfaces that come in handy for a variety of applications.
Advanced Feature SetThe TDS Series offers an extended system and station feature set based on years of experience and development. The standard features packed into the TDS Series offer businesses capability that are options in other systems, or not offered at all. Digital ISDN lines to networking, auto attendant, voice mail along with IP connectivity make the TDS Series the perfect corporate companion for productivity and operations.
Least Cost RoutingIn any business environment the ability to reduce costs without negative effect can provide significant advantage for those who take the opportunity. Integration of Least Cost Routing as a STANDARD programmed feature of TDS systems provides such an opportunity. In todays communication environment there are multiple choices for communication channels and/or carriers with a variety of call costs associated, even down to different call rates dependent on the time of day. Least Cost Routing allows you to program the carrier or channel used according to the number dialed and/or the time of day. By discerning the leading digits of a number dialed LCR will then either send the number as is, insert a carrier prefix into the dial string, or select a particular trunk to carry the call. For example: mobile calls could be directed to your GSM router; local and national daytime calls prefixed to your second carrier, or directed via VoIP trunks to your ITSP for the most economical national and international tariffs. For larger business a Hybrex multi-site network with VoIP trunking between sites is an option. In these cases the combination of specified extension numbering at sites and LCR programming can be used to create desk to desk dialing and the appearance of a seamless company network. Inter-site VoIP trunking has also creates the advantage of nil tariff inter-site calls. In these ways TDS LCR allows you to program the most economical option to carry any call you make - a significant business advantage.
ISDN Connedctivity BRI & PRIIntegrated Services Digital Network (ISDN) has been proven as an effective and quality communications conduit with worthwhile and beneficial features for business. ISDN Basic Rate Interface (BRI) provides for 2 trunks plus a data management channel. Similarly, but scaled, ISDN Primary Rate Interface (PRI) provides for 30 trunks Euro and 24 in the United States. ISDN, being digital, is also capable of carrying other data types such as video if required. The integration of ISDN in TDS systems provides the high sound quality and multimedia access inherent in ISDN. The real business advantage however comes with the additional features TDS ISDN integration provides. Features such as: Multiple Subscriber Number (MSN) - the provision of multiple numbers for your business, essential for DID (below). Direct Inward Dial (DID) - allowing incoming callers direct access to extensions without going through the switchboard. Calling Line Identification (CLI) - allowing you to identify the originating number of incoming calls from the ISDN network. Calling Line Identification Presentation (CLIP) - allows the presentation of a specific number for all outgoing calls. Calling Line Identification Restriction (CLIR) - allows the restriction of identification for outgoing calls. Advice of Charge (AOC) - at the end of each call, approximate call cost can be notified (subject to network provider). Network Based Call Diversion, Transfer, or Conference - divert, transfer, or conference calls without tying up your lines. Should you require, the TDS ISDN interface hardware also allows connection to E1/T1 interfaces
Paging, Music On Hold, Background MusicTDS digital systems allow all types of extensions to access a variety of paging types. Internal paging through the speaker of Digital phones and Access Control Phones. External paging through an external PA system. MOH (Music on Hold) to allow outside callers to listen to music when put on hold. BGM (Back Ground Music) is benefit feature for an employee to listen to music when their Digital Phone is idle.


PSTN Analogue Lines(Max)4 to 255
ISDN Digital Lines (Basic Rate Channels)3 to 48 (S/T Interface)
PRI ISDN CardsUp to 8
VoIP LinesUp To 120
Total ExtensionsUp to 1000
Digital (Max)Up to 1000
Analog Stations (Max)Up to 1000
Data Extensions (ISDN 128kbits)Up To 20
ACP PhonesUp to 1000
Music Sources*Internal / External (SLT) / Tone / VMU
Direct in dial NumbersUnlimited (Network Dependant)
Name Direct in Dial NumbersYes
Calling Line Identification (CLI)PSTN (FSK)*, ISDN or VoIP
Name Call Line IDYes
Calling Line Identification to ExtensionYes(Digital, VoIP and Analogue phones)
Differential Ringing per Call ID / DDIYes
Trunk Groups16
Station Groups16
Operator Groups16
Pickup Groups16
Verified Account Codes600
Least Cost RoutingYes
Total System Speed Dials200 (Standard)
Internet Remote ProgrammingYes
RS232 Port*2
Conference Calls*15
Conference Rooms*Yes (5)
Conference RecordingYes
Battery Backup*Yes (3 Hour)
Voice Card Options*Hotel Software Only
Delay OperatorYes (Hotel Version Only)
Auto Attendant DayYes (Hotel Version Only)
Auto Attendant NightYes (Hotel Version Only)
Integrated Voice Mail Per CardYes, 4 Port, 20 Hour (Hotel Version Only)
External Voice Mail IntegrationYes (Standard or Enhanced)
Call AccountingYes
Access Security IntegrationYes
Operator Web InterfaceYes
Extension Web InterfaceYes
ACD Monitor Web InterfaceYes


Auto Attendant*
Account Code Capability
Answer Call Waiting
Automatic Answer-Intercom
Automatic Call Back (Camp-On)
Automatic Line Access
Automatic Redial
Call Waiting
Call Transfer
Call Fowarding (Follow Me)
Camp On
Conference Call*
Conference Room*
Conference Record*
CLI on both External & Internal Call*
CTI Integration*
Check In & Check Out
Day & Night Service
Delay Operator Announcement*
DID Trunk*
Direct Call Pickup
Directory Dial for Speed Dial
Distinctive Dial Tone & Ringing
Door Phone Calling and Opening*
Executive Override (Barge In)
Flash (Open Loop Timed Flash)
Hospitality Functions
Hospitality PMS Integration
Hunt Groups
Last Number Redial
Line Reverse Detection
Music On Hold*
One Touch Dialing
Paging / Meet-Me Page
Programmable Keys
Room Status for Hotel
Security Code
System & Personal Speed Dial
SMDR Buffers*
Toll Restriction
Voicemail Integration*
Wake Up Service*